Table Sculptures

Molten Sunshine 15"x15"

Veggie Tray 14"x16"

Erte Symphony in Sable 12"x12"



Making Waves

Beehive State

Cheese Tray

Cheese Trays

Green Arch


Green Game 12"x12"

Ocean Lava 16"x16"


It's Magic 16"x16"

Chaos 12"x12"

Rainbow Lava 16"x16"

Blues Squared 14"x14"

Vase 14"x14"

Denni's Birds 12"x12"

Tropical 10"x14"

Butterfly Garden 16"x16"

Napkin Ring

Zen Garden 12"x20"

Cosmic Motion 14"x14"

The Strength Within 16"x14"

Arctic Thaw 12"x12"

Spring Rain 10"

Retro Party bowl 17"x17"

Square bowl 12"x12"

River Bottom tray 10"x14"

Under the Sea vase 8"x12"x7"

Iris 12"x6"x28h"

Poppy diameter 10"

Lori's Poppies 12"x6"x28"h

Poppy diameter 14"